OWAS SDK integration

Add maven repository

In the settings.gradle add the following to repositories

maven {
    url "https://privately.jfrog.io/artifactory/margin-libs/"

maven {
    url "https://privately.jfrog.io/artifactory/owas-libs/"

Add SDK dependencies

Add the following to any module using the SDK

implementation 'privately-sdk:core:1.0.2'
implementation 'owas-sdk:owas-image:1.0.2'
implementation 'owas-sdk:owas-csam:1.0.0'
implementation 'privately-sdk:age-estimation-image:1.4.0'

You're good to go!

Perform some image analyses

Make sure you have a set of API key and secret

If you haven't created an account yet, visit https://developer.privately.eu/contact-us to register for a free trial.

Authenticate the core SDK

if (!PrivatelyCore.INSTANCE.isAuthenticated()) {
    PrivatelyCore.INSTANCE.authenticate("API key", "secret key",
            new PrivatelyCore.AuthenticationCallback() {
        public void onSuccess() {
            Log.e(TAG, "Authenticated successfully");

        public void onError(String error) {
            Log.e(TAG, "Error authenticating: " + error);

Analyze an image for CSAM

CSAM detection is done through the CsamAnalyzer enum. First of all make sure the CsamAnalyzer is initialised.


To find out if an image contains CSAM, use the following call:

boolean containsCsam = CsamAnalyzer.INSTANCE.containsCsam(image);