SDK integration

Add an iFrame taking care of the Recording and evaluation

The web solution is deployed as an iFrame that handles recording as well as estimation. The processing is performed 100% on the client's browser and no data leaves the device.

<iframe class="responsive-iframe" src="" allow="camera;microphone"></iframe>

Where api_key and api_secret are your API key pair.

Handle the result of the estimation

The result is sent as an event, it should be handled as follows

window.addEventListener('message', function(e) {
  // Get the sent data
  const data =;

  var t = JSON.parse(data);
  if (t["age_identified"]["decision"] == 'Allow') {
    // Handle a successful estimation (above 25)
  } else if (t["age_identified"]["decision"] == 'Needs Additional Verification') {
    // Handle a failed estimation (18-24)
  } else {
    // Handle a failed estimation (<18)